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- Mar 23, 2018-

One of the world's top ten car companies, France's second largest car company. Like the founders of many car companies in the world, Renault Renault's founder Louis Reno is also a person interested in machinery. As early as 1898, Louis Reynolds, who was only 21 years old, founded Fu Nuo Corporation in Biangu, a suburb of Paris. At the time, the factory had only six workers and only produced six cars a year. However, Louis Reynolds gave full play to his mechanical talent in the process of entrepreneurship and invented the direct drive system and turbocharger. In 1900, Renault won a series of successes in the Paris-Berlin and other car races, and the company began to develop. In 1907, Renault produced taxis on the streets of London and New York. Reynolds formed a large-scale production in 1914.

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